The goal of this blog is to create a Vitis 2021.1 hardware accelerator platform for the Zybo-Z7–20 board from Digilent.

If you are interested to know how to use this platform to accelerate different compute-intensive tasks such as Support Vector Machine (SVM) on an FPGA-based embedded system, please refer to…

This week’s problem is the traditional matrix-vector multiplication kernel used in several applications such as machine learning and image processing.

This figure shows the software-oriented code that describes the kernel.

The code consists of a two-level loop nest that reads the matrix A and vector

and generates the output elements…

Like my previous projects, this one also demonstrates that “Designing digital systems with HLS for FPGA is fun”. If you are interested in learning HLS coding techniques please refer here or here.

UART is an old mechanism for serial communication which still is used in several electronic boards and computing…

Mohammad Hosseinabady

Designing digital systems and accelerating functions with HLS for FPGAs are fun.

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